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Mike Jones proudly serves in Place #2 on the Helena City Council. Jones has been involved in all aspects of life in Helena. He is dedicated to offer his passion for success, drive for excellence, and professional experience to the community where he grew up and is raising his family.

Jones is owner and CEO of Event Operations Group Inc., a national event management and security firm. EOG employs more than 15,000 part-time employees and 43 full-time employees. With 13 regional offices, the company manages more than 600 venues. Working with major concerts, festivals, professional sports events, top name celebrities, they serve more than 70 million patrons at over ten thousand events annually. Jones knows what it is like to manage a business, develop operations, and work with all types of people, vendors, organizations and other businesses both in and outside of Alabama. He is now using his proven business and law enforcement experience to protect and promote Helena while bringing new businesses and more jobs to the community.

Prior to Event Operations Group, Jones was employed with the City of Helena Police Department. While serving in law enforcement Jones became a highly-decorated Police Sergeant. During his tenure he received (11) department commendations for Outstanding Police Service. In 2003, he was awarded the DEA Outstanding Drug Enforcement Award. He created the Helena Police Explorersí Program which trains young people in all aspects of the law enforcement field. He had no budget and no source of income for the program, yet within four years the program was the largest in the state and won 1st Place in the national competition four years in a row. The program was nationally recognized and was adopted as the BSA model program. In 2004, he was appointed by the Boy Scouts of America to serve on the National Explorer Advisory Board. In 2006, Jones was awarded the National Law Enforcement Advisor of the Year Award. He also received the State of Alabama Law Enforcement Excellent Award. He developed the Alabama Law Enforcement Explorer Advisory Board and the State Explorer Academy which he served as the Director from 2001-2008. In 2005, Jones was recognized by the US Department of Justice and assisted with the national development of the Volunteers In Police Service Programs. The International Association of Chiefs of Police adopted the program nationally. Jones also served as a founding member of the Alabama Tactical Officers Association and is a lifetime member of the NTOA and the Fraternal Order of Police.

Jonesí plans include strengthening city services, improving traffic, safety and providing the best education facilities and youth programs possible for the children of Helena. That includes ensuring that our tax dollars are being spent wisely and we create a good environment to attract new businesses.

Jones been named to the prestigious Birmingham Business Journalís Top 40 Under 40  and won The Best in Business Award, Rising Star Award, fastest Growing Business Award, and the Circle of Excellence Award.  His company also received the #1 Best Places To Work, Top CFO, HR Executive of The Year, and Healthiest Workplace awards just to name a few.

Jones and his wife, Crystal have three children, Cade, Cameron, and Cylie. They all attend Helena public schools and are involved in youth sports along with numerous other church and community activities.

Hard work is at the core of who Mike Jones is. After a successful career in law enforcement and business, he is dedicated to be a part of helping Helena be the very best that it can be.

To contact Mike Jones Ė email:  mjones@cityofhelena.org



My family moved to Helena in 1977 when I was a year old. The Helena Elementary School was k-6th grade, and only had (2) classrooms per grade. The population was less than 1,500, and we had a volunteer fire department, very limited city services, and one youth park. There were no grocery stores, traffic lights, or traffic problems. Everyone literally knew everyone in this town and who was related to who. This was (and is) a very special place to grow up. Fishing in Griffinís lake, swimming in the Buck Creek water fall, Billy Hinds giving the kids rides in the Police car, Cherokee Beach Campground was a water park, riding your bike to school, washing the fire trucks on Sunday afternoon, church picnics in Joe Tucker Park, painting and planting flowers at the school, cutting grass at the parks early Saturday mornings are all great memories of growing up in Helena. Everyone in town watched over each other and if another parent caught you getting out of line they treated like their own. When this town needed something that we couldnít afford the entire city grabbed hammers, nails, the paint and made it happen. If a roof needed to be repaired our fathers did it. If the grass needed to be cut, we did it. If we needed a new park or something needed to be fixed at the school we did it. We didnít have city workers in charge of the parks. The parents and kids maintained the facilities, and expanded city programs. WE made it happen!


Helena has always been a very social place and the perfect place to raise your family. I remember when the entire town would shut down for the Elementary school fall festival every year. Most of the teachers lived in town as well. So they were more like mothers and fathers to all of us than they were teachers. If there was a fire in town we had (30) volunteers firefighters and the entire neighborhood would show up to help. We never had a huge crime problem because our community watched over each other. We all knew what cars belonged here and who should be home at what time. Everyone took care of each other.


I watched Helena grow over the years. As soon as I became of age to become a police officer I knew exactly where I wanted to be. Helena is my home. When I was hired by the Helena Police Department it was more than a job to protect and serve our community. I took the job personal. I was protecting and serving my family, friends, neighbors, and the standards we have set for our city.


Helena is a very special place. My wife and I are raising our three children here and there is no other place on earth we would rather be. I believe we should remember the past, where our city has come from, and set goals together for where we need to be in the future. Donít make excuses as to why we cannot fix the issues facing our City. We have a lot of great talent, big hearts, and passionate people living in this town. Letís go back to the days of past when families in Helena worked together to ďmake it happen.Ē Letís quit talking about the changes that NEED to be made, or what we WANT to see. Commit yourself to get involved, grab the hammer, and call your neighbors. We have a City to build!







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