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 How do we control mosquitoes?
Vector Control uses many techniques to control mosquitoes.


HVC supports community clean up efforts to combat artificial breeding grounds.

HVC applies larvasides to kill the mosquito larva in the breeding areas.

HVC uses fogging trucks to fog areas of the city. The fogging trucks apply Auqa Reslin at a rate of less than 1 ounce per acer. The active ingredient in Auqa Reslin is Permethrin.  Permethrin is a broad spectrum synthetic pyrethroid insecticide. Permethrin has been around since the 1970ís and is widely used today in public health, home pest control, forestry, agriculture and head lice control.

In the US over 100 million applications of permethrin are made each year in homes and over 18 million applications are made in yards and gardens.

Permethrin, like all synthetic pyrethroids, kills insects by strongly exciting their nervous systems.

Permethrin is effective against adult mosquitoes, including the Culex species, which transmitted West Nile virus last year. Permethrin has a long history of being applied agriculturally to control against pests in the production of fruits, vegetables, and other crops. It has not been known to cause any chronic toxic effects to humans. Mild eye and skin irritation may occur with exposure to permethrin which can be treated by washing the eyes and skin thoroughly with water after contact.

It is not toxic for household pets and is virtually non-toxic to birds. It can be toxic to fish and caution would be used before applying it in areas which would result in aquatic exposure. It breaks down readily in soil and water, making it unlikely to leach or contaminate groundwater. It is safe for people and pets.